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Krzysztof Kutt - Research

Computer scientist and psychologist trying to combine these two disciplines together creating something new and better.

My research activities focus on:

  • methods of supporting the collaborative knowledge engineering process (management of quality, changes, and involvement of participants)
  • affective computing (collecting and processing sensory and contextual data related to emotions)
  • and ways of user interaction with information systems (including BCI and Neurofeedback systems).

Scientific interests

Widely understood Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science…

  • Main areas in Artificial Intelligence are:
    • semantic web technologies,
    • knowledge representation,
    • machine learning methods.
  • Main areas in Cognitive Science are:
    • methods of brain and body activity measuring,
    • ways how they can be used to control machines (neurofeedback, brain-computer interfaces, human-computer interfaces),
    • cognitive ehnancement methods,
    • affective computing methods.

Research Projects and Grants

R&D Projects

  1. Rozwój technologii wnioskowania oraz predykcji zachowań konsumenckich dla automatyzacji procesów marketingowych oraz sprzedażowych
    Project budget: 4 208 539,61 PLN
    Funded by: European Regional Development Fund, Regional Operational Program of the Lesser Poland Voivodship (Regionalny Program Operacyjny Województwa Małopolskiego), project no. RPMP.01.02.01-12-0512/16-00
    Project leader: Synerise S.A.
    My involvement: June 2018 – Now
    My duties: Development of algorithms based on machine learning, artificial intelligence and semantic methods. Structured interviews conductance in the process of knowledge engineering. Preparation of reports and scientific analyzes.
  2. Processes Semantics & Collaboration for Companies (Prosecco)
    Project budget: 2 854 545,00 PLN
    Funded by: NCBiR 1. Program Badań Stosowanych, project no. PBS1/B3/14/2012
    Project leader: AGH University of Science and Technology
    My involvement: March 2013 – July 2015
    My duties: Small & Medium Enterprises ontology engineering.


  • 2018. Wykorzystanie popularnych urządzeń sensorycznych w informatyce afektywnej (AGH UST research grant for young scientists; Project Leader). Project related to evaluation of wearable biosensors: Empatica E4, Microsoft Band II, Arduino e-Health Kit, Bitalino.
  • 2017. Metody projektowania systemów z użyciem kolaboratywnej inżynierii wiedzy (AGH UST research grant for young scientists; Project Leader). Project related to my PhD thesis.
  • 2016. Metody projektowania systemów z użyciem kolaboratywnej inżynierii wiedzy (AGH UST research grant for young scientists; Project Leader). Project related to my PhD thesis.
  • 2015. Analiza możliwości rozbudowy interakcji systemów mobilnych z użytkownikiem o zbieranie i przetwarzanie danych biometrycznych (AGH UST research grant for young scientists; Project Leader). Side project related to testing of mobile devices: Emotiv EPOC+, Vuzix M100, Leap Motion, et al.
  • 2014. Metody regułowe i narzędzia analizy jakości kodu (AGH UST research grant for young scientists; Project Leader). Evaluation of results of my Master's Thesis

Software Tools, Solutions and Procedures

  • BandReader: mobile data acquisition solution for wristbands (@Android), useful in affective solutions
  • Loki: Semantic Wiki plugin for DokuWiki: ideas, development and maintenance (since 2015.07)
  • Unit testing: Rule-Based Testing Framework for the Automation of the Unit Testing Process development. Framework is designed as Eclipse plugin. Specification is saved as decision tables in XTT2 notation. For more comprehensive description see paper (since 2012.10)


Full list of my papers is available here.

See my papers also on Research Gate, Mendeley, Academia.edu, Google Scholar, ResearcherID, Scopus, ORCID, DBLP and BPP AGH.



  • [2019, BSc Thesis] Marcin Jakubowski, “Mobile application for the prediction of emotion based on voice characteristics”, AGH UST
  • [2019, BSc Thesis] Jarosław Kilian, “Emotion recognition model based on selected physiological signals”, AGH UST
  • [2019, BSc Thesis] Agnieszka Barszcz, “Development of an emotions prediction model based on psychophysiological data”, AGH UST
  • [2019, BSc Thesis] Paweł Dzień, “Design and implementation of tools for handling psychological experiments on a mobile platform”, AGH UST
  • [2019, BSc Thesis] Maciej Mucha, “Design and implementation of emotionally charged images generator using the GAN method”, AGH UST
  • [2019, BSc Thesis] Klaudia Budzyńska, “Design and implementation of face and handwritting recognition modules for the electronic class register”, AGH UST
  • [2019, BSc Thesis] Maciej Prażuch, “Design and implementation of the gamification module for a semantic wiki”, AGH UST
  • [2019, BSc Thesis] Natalia Materek, “Design and evaluation of interfaces for various user groups in a semantic wiki”, AGH UST
  • [2019, BSc Thesis] Izabela Adamska, “Design of an adaptive semantic wiki user interface for various user groups”, AGH UST
  • [2019, BSc Thesis] Szymon Majkut, “Design and implementation of a mobile tourist recommendation system”, AGH UST
  • [2019, BSc Thesis] Sebastian Skoczeń, “A voice travel recommendation system using Linked Open Data”, AGH UST
  • [2019, BSc Thesis] Kacper Leśniak, “Speaker recognition system based on GRU neural networks”, AGH UST
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